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True plight of our Rivers!

India is well known for its beautiful and holy rivers, lakes and other historic water resources. We have often been referred to as a country with iconic landscapes, mountains, valleys, hill stations and many more. Right from the sacred waters of Ganga and Yamuna in the north, to iconic Kaveri and Krishna river in the south, alluring Narmada and Tapi river in the west, to holy river of the Brahmaputra in the east, each one has its own magnificent story of emergency.

Nature has always been a beautiful gift to humanity. Our entire life revolves around the substitutes provided by nature. But, how often do we appreciate it? Just like we often thank our parents, have we ever thought of thanking nature too? The sound of the flowing waters, chirping birds and gentle dance of the leaves, they all can rejuvenate any dead soul with their soulful music. The shiny waters of Kaveri, the royal flow of Yamuna waters and Brahmaputra Nadi, is all a heavenly sight. The crystal clear waters of our water bodies, was once upon a time, a sight worth watching and feeling the essence of nature.

Today, the scenario is completely different. The waters that once, shined due to its purity, is now a dull and an opaque layer of dirt and garbage. The waters that were known for the holy abode of Gods and Goddesses, has now become home to millions of bacteria, wastes and algae. A gift of nature, that was once, worth watching, is now a dumping location for humans. Our ignorance has risen so much, that we consume the same waters, fall ill and ultimately blame the government and each other. Little do we realize, that our own actions have been so brutal, that not only are we harming nature’s pure essence, but also, being the victims of our own ignorance. Day by day, the level of water pollution is drastically increasing and we are losing our lovely water creatures and other living beings.

Let’s check it practically through statistics released by several departments and organizations. Unable to improve its water quality, our country stands at the bottom of the Global Environment Performance Index (EPI) rankings. Traces of new contaminants are now being reported in the country, suggesting a steady decline in the quality of groundwater. The largest source of water pollution in India is untreated sewage along with agricultural runoffs. Over 60,000 children below the age of five lose their lives to diarrhoea caused due to unsafe water and poor sanitation.

But now, as we have realized the gravity of the situation, several measures are being taken to control the consequences. The government has taken several precautious measures to bring back the purity and safety of our waters. The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation launched the Har Ghar Jal Yojana to provide piped water supply to every household by 2030 to meet Sustainable Development Goals. In recent times, the government has advised Field Testing Kits to be used for the detection of chemical and biological contamination of drinking water resources in the communities. Not only the government but several NGOs and social activists are trying their best to bring back the lost beauty of our nature.
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One of them being, ISHA foundation. Their incessant hard work has paid off to a very great extent and has managed to clean our waters. Not only have they conducted several initiatives to protect nature, but also impart knowledge and education to several children and residents of distant villages and towns. Such NGOs are always supported by the people and are helped in every way possible.

Today, several questions arise. Are we taking our beautiful nature for granted?? Is it so difficult for us to take care of our nature? Has it become a burden for all of us? Rivers and lakes, that was once, considered to be a beautiful boon to the nation has now become a curse?? These questions remain unanswered just like the incessant calls of nature. Its better late than never. At least, our next generation should live in an environment full of happiness and smiles created by us.

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