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Who We Are?

E-Cell of Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), is a non-profit student driven organization dedicated to lit up the spirit of entrepreneurship and promoting it. With mind numbing competitions, innovative strategies and multitudinous national workshops, this is a perfect place that brings a rush of adrenaline that only a peculiar business can ever bring. Student members are endowed and enthused to action by the finest and most successful entrepreneurs in a vast diversity of industries.

Our Vision

Our Vision

E-Cell strives to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship within every member. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about launching and running companies, it is an ethos, a way of life. We don’t spoonfeed our members and guide them every step of the way. Instead, we believe in providing them the platform they need to grow as a person, and to put their skills to good use. Our ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining community of skilled people that is based on the principles of free-flow of knowledge. Startups launched off of E-Cell’s platform get access to our members, undoubtedly the single most valuable resource that E-Cell posseses. People can immediately start working on their ideas, and leverage the community around them to do great things.

Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

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Every year E-cell MUJ organizes an annual entrepreneurship summit.It is a 3 day fest having many interesting events. Students from all over India take part in these events. Major attractions of e-conclave are Internfair and B.Plan competition.

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GFAIL is Ground for Innovators and Learners, a place where you can find internship,projects,mentors and best helping hands.

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This is the biggest event of the E-Conclave. In this event the participants have to show their business plan in front of a judging panel which includes mentors and investors from around the country.

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We show you our professional achievements in numbers, which show the acquired skills and trust of many members.


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India is well known for its beautiful and holy rivers, lakes and other historic water resources. We have often been referred to as a country with iconic landscapes, mountains, valleys, hill stations and many more. Right from the sacred waters of Ganga and Yamuna in the north, to iconic Kaveri and Krishna river in the south, alluring Narmada and Tapi river in the west, to holy river of the Brahmaputra in the east, each one has its own magnificent story of emergency.

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